About Renewing Futures

Renewing Futures is for anyone with a stake in the renewable energy workforce.

Environmental and economic trends mean renewable energy will play an increasingly important role in the world’s energy future. Canada is poised to take advantage of these trends, but only if it’s renewable energy industry can grow and prosper.

To do so, the renewable energy industry will more than ever depend upon a skilled workforce.

But what should that workforce look like? What skills are in need now and will be in the future? How to effectively recruit, retain and deploy workers? Where are they needed?

To answer these and many other questions, we need more information. And to act upon this information, industry needs a plan of action, which requires conversation and collaboration.

This is where Renewing Futures comes in.

How Does EHRC Fit Into This?

Renewing Futures is a major initiative of Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC). EHRC strives to help keep the lights on in Canada by enabling a world-class workforce for the entire electricity industry. By strengthening the ability of the Canadian electricity industry to meet current and future needs for a highly skilled, safety-focused, diverse and productive workforce.

EHRC wants to do the same for renewable energy.

An Online Hub & Research Program

Renewing Futures is two things.

First, it’s the focal point of a major research program, connecting players in the renewable energy industry via several outlets including webinars, speaker series, monthly last word and focus groups.

Second, it’s an online hub for Canada’s renewable energy sector, providing reliable data and analysis about HR issues affecting the sector

Research Program

 HR in Canada’s Renewable Energy Sector

Renewing Futures embarked on an ambitious national research program.

Our goal was to develop the first comprehensive, detailed look at human resources in the renewable energy industry in Canada.

Armed with reliable data and thorough analysis, we worked  with key players in the industry to act upon strategy and recommendations.

For a summary of the Renewing Futures National Research Programme timeline and deliverables, click here.

The Process  

Over the past year, we collected and analyzed data. We interviewed key personnel and conducted site-visits. We consulted businesses and employees in a variety of sectors, as well as institutions and governments.

At the Electricity Human Resources Canada conference in 2013, we presented the results, including:

  • A national sector study of the renewable energy industry;
  • An impact study of emerging trends and changing technologies in both traditional and renewable energy; and
  • A vision, recommendations and a human resource strategy.

Building on the Results

After publishing our findings, the next phase will begin. We’ll continue to engage with industry to implement the vision and act upon the recommendations and strategy.

As well, the results of the research will continue to provide market intelligence for firms, educators and policy-makers.

For more detailed information about the research program, download the PDF here

What We Learned From the Research

 From the data we collected, we learned:

  • The skills and training employers in each renewable energy industry need now, and what they’ll require in the future;
  • How to attract more people to work in the industry;
  • What challenges regulations present, and what opportunities they offer;
  • Where to coordinate HR efforts for maximum impact;
  • What labour market and skills issues challenge the industry; and
  • The trends and technologies affecting the industry.

Get Involved

Renewing Futures research program is an exciting initiative that will help shape renewable energy in Canada. But it can only succeed with the active involvement of a full range of actors in industry, labour, education and government.

We need your input. Find out how you can contribute by contacting us.

Online Hub

Renewing Futures wants to be the go-to place for anyone with interest in HR and renewable energy.

Through the website, visitors can find information and analysis that emerged from the research program. They can connect with others and share best practices.

Who’s It For?

  • Companies and organizations that depend upon skilled workers to drive their business.
  • Employees who want to advance their careers in renewable energy by upgrading and effectively applying their skills and knowledge.
  • Educational institutions that provide tomorrow’s workers with the training needed to succeed in a green economy.
  • Policy makers

How Will It Help?

Renewing Futures will contribute to the success of Canada’s renewable energy industry. More specifically:

  • Employers will gain insight needed to make strategic decisions about their workforce;
  • Employees and job seekers will be able to make informed career choices; and
  • Educational institutions, policy makers and governments will have a better sense of how to focus their efforts.

Finally, by bringing various players together, Renewing Futures will provide a catalyst for collaboration. Collaboration will encourage sharing of best practices, innovation and strategic planning: all essential ingredients for a world-class renewable energy workforce.