October 30, 2013
Study findings will be unveiled November 6th at EHRC National Conference in Toronto

Study findings will be unveiled
November 6th at EHRC National Conference in Toronto

 Be part of the dialogue as we shape Canada’s renewable electricity workforce. A first for Canada!

The proposed national human resources study has been developed to provide the provinces and industry stakeholders with the information they need for deploying limited resources to meet labour requirements and avoid skill shortages. Key elements include:

• Assessment of demands and labour markets that may limit the electricity related renewable energy (ERE) workforce;

• A plan for more efficient recruiting based
on enhanced labour mobility across sectors and provinces.

• A plan for filling labour markets gaps related to existing skill shortages with
needed training and certification; and

• A shared view on the pace of investment in new installed capacity for ERE.

National Launch of HR Study for Renewables Industry at
2pm November 6th! Attend the interactive session on Wednesday November 6th; follow this link for conference details.

Learn more about the research, and how to obtain your copy of the report 


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