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January 20, 2014
Who Has your back? The Workforce Issue

The research component of the  Electricity Human Resources Canada -Renewing Futures initiative is now closed. The Steering Committee steered the consultants, consulted subject matter experts and debated the results. The metrics are out and the verdict is telling. Yes, we have the proof that the renewable electricity sector will need to take coordinated action to address the forecasted skills shortages that threaten to limit the industry’s ability for growth.

This note was penned for HR Managers, Executives, Policy Makers, Think Tanks, as well as Emerging Leaders. You all need to know what’s at stake. For the first time in a few decades, a comprehensive analysis of the labour market dynamic in the renewable electricity sector in Canada is available.

Several of you have seen large increase in labour requirements in an already tight labour market. Economic and market issues are keeping you up at night and HR issues are adding to the mix.

Your current solution is to hire top notch staff within your peers. Unfortunately, this strategy can’t be sustained because it is at best, a short-term fix. From now until 2022, our findings show that labour mobility impediments across provinces and industries will hamper your ability to “poach” the right talents. Educational institutions will have to double available training and certification programs to meet demand. In addition, the renewable electricity sector also has to compete with mining and oil industries that are forecasting both labour shortages and major engineering projects, and will require 620,000 person years of manufacturing, construction and installation employment to build new capacity from 2012-2022.

The industry is one the key driving forces in Canada’s economic growth. There are multiple opportunities for career advancement and the green jobs appeal for youth is tremendous. To meet your labour requirements an indispensable element of growth, HR must regain is rightful place at the top of your list.

EHRC has your back.Its comprehensive HR strategy for the renewable electricity sector includes research activities that will help you address the HR challenges in your organization. The research includes a global review of research sources covering government policy, human resources management and labour market analysis for renewable electricity activity, a Technology Review with a profile of the seven technologies that will be deployed, provincial energy market assessments that project additions to renewable electricity capacity from 2011 to 2022. Plus, a Renewing Futures labour market study that includes measures of supply and demand.

In addition, you will also have access to twelve measureable actions to implement your HR strategy to attract and retain the right workforce.

We have your back; We are your Hub. Visit the Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) website: for access to complimentary research findings and full reports access


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