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Our Webinar Series

Listen to and learn from a list of great speakers. With our Webinar Series, we connect you – through online webinars and live speaking events – to people with something important to say.

We hope to encourage frank and open discussion about issues affecting the renewable energy industry.

Please click here to access our complimentary webinar session of the summary of the Renewing Futures Research Findings.

Through the Renewing Futures initiative, Electricity Human Resources Canada has undertaken a major research effort to gather  information on human resources management, post-secondary training and labour markets for the ERE industry.  The proposed national human resources strategy has been developed to provide the provinces and industry stakeholders with the information they need for deploying limited resources to meet labour requirements and avoid skill shortages. 

Key elements of the initiative include:

§    A shared view on the pace of investment in new installed capacity for ERE in all sectors,

§    An assessment of competing demands and labour markets that may limit the ERE workforce,

§    A plan for filling labour markets gaps related to existing skill shortages with needed training and certification,

§    A plan for more efficient recruiting based on enhanced labour mobility across sectors and provinces,

§    Consensus across provinces and ERE sectors around priorities and practical actions in support of human resources planning for policy and industry strategies.

The Need for Discussion

To grow, Canada’s renewable energy industry requires a workforce with specific skills and knowledge. Industry players need to have a serious conversation about what this workforce should like and how to foster its growth. Educational institutions and governments must be a part of this conversation. Check out our Monthly Last Word Series to see what the key actors are saying. To spark an ongoing, national conversation, Renewing Futures will reach out to industry players, educators and policy makers. Together, they’ll exchange information, discuss challenges and develop solutions.